Sunday, April 20, 2008

Club Mahindra different cities, different offers

Four different Cities, four different offers.

All these four ads are taken from Times of India epaper site for 20th April 2008.





So if you are not interested in one offer from Club Mahindra ask for different offer!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Want to Buy or Sell your Timeshare/ClubMahindra membership

Why old membership comes at that much discount? Simple, it does not have Sales and Marketing expenses built into it. Look at following post to see what it takes for ClubMahindra to sale a membership.

Is there any difference between old and new membership?
People who bought in resale are happily using it without any differentiation. There is no label on your membership that says it is first or second sale.  

Then why not buy from an existing member with great discount. 

You can make Sale entry in to this table using  link  .

Many things have changed on this page.  
  • Buy entries will be hosted separately to make it convenient to browse. 
  • New table allows you to short each column, you can sort `Added Time` column to see old or new entries at top. 
  • You can apply filter  on Type, Season, Timeshare Company columns
  • You can click on `view` in left most column to see details of that row. 
  • You can now open table in a new wider page  <<link>>

Old entries has been moved to a different table for easy maintenance. 

As this product is not easy to sell or buy,  most of the older entries are still active, people interested in buying or selling a membership are encouraged to look older entries also. 

Online Form powered by

Year 2015 Price List 

Now let' look at below calculation,
4.74 Lakh Rs. borrowed to buy a new membership on 25 year EMI option at 9% interest rate, borrower has to pay 48,256 Rs as his yearly installment. 

Your first year vacation cost comes to 48256 + 11600 (ASF) = 48015 Rs ~ 8550Rs/Day.

There is another way of calculating vacation cost,  follow below link .  True [Inflation Linked] cost of ClubMahindra Vacation

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