Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Club Mahindra at its best: from 50 to 70 consumer cases in 10 months

Recently (Dated 30th Sep 08) Mahindra Holidays has again filed its DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) with the SEBI. Earlier (Dated 14th Dec 2007) also it filed DRHP with the SEBI which it withdrawn because of unfavorable market conditions.

Comparing both these prospectus .. , the number of Consumer Cases against the company has increase from 50 to 70 in these 10 months.



Monday, October 13, 2008

Again!!! wrong information from ClubMahindra

If you have read above advertisement , this one question for you

What is a specious apartment?

a) a specious room with bathroom
b) a specious room with bathroom and balcony
c) a specious room with bathroom, balcony and kitchen
d) none of the above ..

If your answer is c) , then you are with me. Otherwise pardon my ignorance.


When Club Mahindra is advertising like this, same time they are reducing kitchen facilities in each of their properties also their recently acquired properties does not have any provision of small kitchenette in Studio or a full kitchenette in a one/two bedroom units. Many of their affiliated/leased resorts lack kitchenette facilities.

To list few ..

1) TUSKER TRAILS ( acquired from Taj Hotels , 32-rooms)

A mail from
Member Relations officer says

"We have only studio apartment available without kitchenette."

ClubMahindra brochure for the resort says ..

The resort offers a total of twenty five rooms, spread across five chalets. The architecture reflects the distinct style of construction deployed by the Travancore Raj. All rooms are air conditioned, with plush furnishing and attached western toilets. Amenities include a mini refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities, a wall mounted LCD television and a DVD player.

(no kitchen!) http://www.clubmahindra.com/emailimage/efactfinder/Ashtamudi.html

3) Hotel Villa Park - Ooty ( 90 rooms)
(News: PVP Ventures sells "Hotel Ooty Villa Park)