Thursday, September 6, 2007

My observation with Club Mahindra Membership

My observation of the membership are as follows....

1) Wrong target customers. It is a luxury item sold to (higher?) middle class claiming that you are paying middle class price for 4+ star facilities.
--- Not all properties are 4 or 5 star standard. (Some more facts about Club Mahindra Membership - I)
--- Membership does not come at any discount. It is quite costly. (What are you paying for your Timeshare Membership?)

2) Company spend high amount on advertisement and commissions, ~60% of membership cost is spent on Sales and marketing cost.  What value is left for you in membership for you? 

Source : Mahindra Holidays investor presentation Feb 2013

3) Breakup of holiday up to minimum two night trip, must be causing low utilization and higher demand on weekends so unavailability. 

4) Club Mahindra does not have enough room capacity to support growing member base.
--- (Membership Growth Vs Room Capacity for MahindraHolidays)

Acknowledgement of the problem .... 

Problem build up  ....

2005- 2010

Who paid the price of this short fall?

4) Extra purple season makes availing holidays in high demand season very costly and difficult. I do not have knowledge of any other timeshare company having purple season, RCI also does not have purple season.

5) Club Mahindra marketing staff does not hesitate to exploit lack of knowledge of Timeshare concepts of their customer.

6) Their booking system is not much transparent to the members.
-- Now online reservation system has improved. But still it is no where near to reservation system of Indian Railways.

7) Do not get lured to their referral scheme thinking you will be able to convince your another 3 friends and this referral money will bring down your cost of CM membership. It is not easy to convince, as you saw above  they spend 60% of membership cost to enroll member.
Club Mahindra may be the one of the best timeshare company in India, but still it is not good enough for value conscious customer and for others booking problem will make them unhappy.

You can build a strong ClubMahindra member' community by enrolling at Yahoo group @ (

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