Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some more facts about ClubMahindra membership- II

In my earlier post [Some more facts about ClubMahindra membership- I] I have highlighted that Club Mahindra has only a 707 Vs 1218 required rooms.

Here I want to highlight some more facts which show it is not only “ClubMahindra” brand of Mahindra Holidays but there are other categories of Mahindra Holidays customer who share these rooms.

1) One time resorts users (non-Members customers) share same rooms (within the count of 707) mostly available in RCI Gold Crowned resorts only.

a. MahindraHolidays earner 10.5 Cr yearly by renting accommodation to non-Members compared to 22.77 Cr Rs. by way of ASF charge from the customers.

2) “Fundays” , another brand of Mahindra Holidays, usually sold to corporates, Fundays members share same rooms as ClubMahindra members, and these members can avail 2/3 rd of their entitlement in Purple and Red seasons.

What does it mean to ClubMahindra Members:

1) Effective room availability is further less for ClubMahindra members compared to 707. As 112 of corporate customer and 10.5 Cr worth of non-member customer share your 707 rooms.

2) Mahindra Holiday staff does not tell about their rental of resorts room to non-members, while enrolling a new customers. They says (read Q3), it brings down ASF charges to the customer. Then what is the point in promising to keep ASF linked to some price index, any way they have devised a way to fill the short fall (inefficient operation) at customer' cost.

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