Monday, October 13, 2008

Again!!! wrong information from ClubMahindra

If you have read above advertisement , this one question for you

What is a specious apartment?

a) a specious room with bathroom
b) a specious room with bathroom and balcony
c) a specious room with bathroom, balcony and kitchen
d) none of the above ..

If your answer is c) , then you are with me. Otherwise pardon my ignorance.


When Club Mahindra is advertising like this, same time they are reducing kitchen facilities in each of their properties also their recently acquired properties does not have any provision of small kitchenette in Studio or a full kitchenette in a one/two bedroom units. Many of their affiliated/leased resorts lack kitchenette facilities.

To list few ..

1) TUSKER TRAILS ( acquired from Taj Hotels , 32-rooms)

A mail from
Member Relations officer says

"We have only studio apartment available without kitchenette."

ClubMahindra brochure for the resort says ..

The resort offers a total of twenty five rooms, spread across five chalets. The architecture reflects the distinct style of construction deployed by the Travancore Raj. All rooms are air conditioned, with plush furnishing and attached western toilets. Amenities include a mini refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities, a wall mounted LCD television and a DVD player.

(no kitchen!)

3) Hotel Villa Park - Ooty ( 90 rooms)
(News: PVP Ventures sells "Hotel Ooty Villa Park)


  1. and they never told us that it costs 7500 per night to avail the holidays?????? do u have any idea

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I did not got what are you asking here?

    One will have to buy membership, plus pay annual ASF to avail holiday. Also one may take their one time packages (2 nights, 3 nights etc).

  3. Bhupesh,
    Hi ! I had just visited coorg as I had receved 2 coupons for complimentary stay. I had undegone a lot of difficulties in the initial stage to get the booking. But the biggest issue happened when they had charged us Rs 3000 ( for 2 rooms )in name of Luxury Tax. I had a severe arguement with them telling them that this is suppose to be a free stay. Please confirm if we are suppose to pay this amount because as far as i understand, when the room rent is Zero, then how is it that they are charging us the Luxury Tax on room tarrif price. The stay was pleasant and we almost made our mind to join CM, but now it looks like its a group of hypocrites. Please tell me if I am suppose to pay luxury tax on a complimentary visit. kindly revert back to me on my mail ID as well

  4. We also need to define what minimum set of accessories constitutes a kitchen-some resorts have a microwave, refrigerator, few utensils and coffee maker. While that can help cooking some basic food items, do not think an Indian family be able to cook a decent meal for a family of four with these items...

  5. Hi Meeth,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    When I visited Coorg in 2006 I did not paid any tax. In some places like Manali I paid Luxury Tax, seems to be levied by local municipality. Which was 50/- per person per day, so for three nights stay I paid 300/-.

    Any way, any such charges should have been told in advance, irrespective of one claim to provide free holidays or not. Even I have not read any one mentioning about it any where on the net or complain boards.

    There are many such incidents and customer unfriendly business practices which annoy me now and then each time in a new way.

    That' what this blog about, to educate prospective customers what to expect what not to.