Friday, November 11, 2011

Club Mahindra Membership Price List 2011

To view 2013 price list follow this link

Do speak to Mahindra Holidays for  latest price information.

Existing member selling their membership at throw away price , look at these listings ::  1000+ buyer or sellers of ClubMahindra membership

Do you actually need a timeshare membership, at what price? Before considering Club Mahindra Membership : My personal advice

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  1. our member number is 33371 and dis vacation from july 1 to july 4 in CLUB MAHINDRA LAKE PAVNA TUNGI LONAVALA. Although the stay was really very good we enjoyed ourselves. We had 2 room, 1BR and 1 studio, we had a aw sum time to spend in the resort bt we have a complaint with the food quality. The prices are high but even the food quality has to be increased. So just have a check over it although we dont have any problem. I ll be helpful if you look towards my problem and do something.
    Thank You.