Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Club Mahindra sales staff promises Moon to customer

Click this link to listen ClubMahindra Rep (Ashish, Jaynagar Branch, Bangalore) promising moon to a customer.

Another instance :-

Latter to ClubMahindra MD Ramesh Ramanathan

from Bhupesh Gupta <.....@gmail.com>
to Ramesh<.....@clubmahindra.com>,
date Oct 16, 2007 4:00 PM
subject CM Bangalore branch promise to give holiday booking in 15-20 days in advance ...
mailed-by gmail.com

I am an existing Club Mahindra Member. I got a marketing call from Infantry Road (Bangalore Branch) for Club Mahindra membership (Riyaz, Pavan Kumar - Phone No.- 093435xxxxx/93435xxxxx/). Just for curiosity I continued talking as if I am interested in enrolling 25 year membership.

They are willing to promise me on companies behalf on the company letterhead that I will get accommodation in my desired resort if I request it 15- 20 days in advance. Like If I enroll and book holiday around 20th Nov I will have no problem getting booking in Munnar or Goa for 15,16 and 17 Dec.

How is it possible? just few days back I called for booking in those days . .. I was told that resorts are full. Second why such false promise .. is there any control over marketing executives?

I am sure if I do squeeze little more they will not hesitate making more false promises.

Bhupesh Gupta

Ramesh <.....@clubmahindra.com>
to Bhupesh Gupta ,
cc "Ajay.Nambiar" <.....@clubmahindra.com>,
Gayathri Umashankar <.....@clubmahindra.com>,
"RadhaKrishna.R" <.....@clubmahindra.com>,
"Pavan.Reddy" <.....@clubmahindra.com>,
date Oct 16, 2007 4:20 PM
subject RE: CM Bangalore branch promise to give holiday booking in 15-20 days in advance ...

Dear Mr.Gupta

I am in receipt of your mail. Thank you.

Firstly, all our reservations are subject to availability and hence no
one in the company can and should promise guaranteed room availability.
Many thanks for brining this to my notice. By a copy of this mail, I am
requesting my colleague and Head of the Bangalore region, Mr.Pavan Reddy
to investigate this matter and revert to you.I shall also make sure
that the sales people concerned do not make any false claims.

While the rooms are subject to availability, I am happy to inform you
that our resorts accommodate requests of most members and run on high
occupancy levels.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write in.

Best regards

Ramesh Ramanathan

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  1. Hi,
    I have been a customer of Club Mahindra and they are NOT giving me the refund of my initial amount, even when I tried to cancel membership within 10 days.

    Please if possible, give me email address of Gayathri umashankar and Ramesh Ramanathan ?

    Thanking you a MILLION times,

  2. Hi Suman,

    You should probably drop a postal letter to Nanda and Ramesh, that' what I did to get my problem resolved.

    Mr. A.K. Nanda [Chairman, Non-Executive Director]
    3, St. Helen’s Court,
    Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,
    Mumbai – 400 026

    Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan, [Managing Director]
    Door No. 9C, 14th Cross Street,
    Shastri Nagar, Adyar,
    Chennai - 600 020

    Other wise search clubmahindra@yahoogroups.com for what you are looking for :)


  3. Club Mahindra Resorts are good and services also good as I heard from my friend. But Sales Executives under pressure of Target sometime gives wrong commitment, which company needs to check. Even I have been given the wrong commitment twice by sales team.
    As a repute of Company it is very good and at top level I think company's policy is of member satisfaction at top priority.

  4. Mahendra, I agree with you that they give good service alteast in their own resorts (those are 6 out of total 16).

    But ...
    Problem with sales staff is not one time affair or limited to some people .. after Sep 2004, I utilise every opportunity like in this post to gauge if problem still persist .. every time they disappoint me big way ..

    In one ons such conversation Zest sales girl told me I should buy Zest even I have ClubMahindra as availability in Zest is guaranteed as outer sider can not utilize Zest properties as in the case of ClubMahindra. .. blah blah

    Any such cheating change whole value proposition what customer had in his mind while deciding to purchasing membership.