Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My communication with AIRDA

You may want to know about AIRDA first : My Article -

AIRDA- All India Resort Development Association

After learning about this association, I thought of using this opportunity to raise my concerns


from Bhupesh Gupta
date Nov 28, 2007 4:46 PM
subject Timeshare enquiry


I am a timeshare member with Club Mahindra. My inquiry is general in
nature not linked to one particular TImeshare company.

1) As a member how do I can track and ensure if company has enough
room capacity matching their increasing member base? Is there any
quarterly disclosure these company publish to you or to DOT or
through some other medium.

2) As a member how do I know they are following fair practices in
making reservation for customer. Do they go though any audit from any
external consulting firm or from any other agencies?

3) Indian timeshare companies accommodate members for minimum 2 nights
(compared to 3-4 days or full week in other countries), this must
create inefficient utilization of resort. Does Indian timeshare
company keep room capacity according to weeks of vacation sold or do
factor in such efficiencies. Is there any recommended factor value
from AIRDA.

Bhupesh Gupta


To Bhupesh Gupta
Date Jan 7, 2008 1:19 PM
Subject RE: TImeshare enquiry

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Warm Greetings and Happy New Year to you too!

Following are the responses to your queries:

AIRDA does not want this communication to be published at web pages.

Best Regards,
Ravi Kumar



Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of their communication. I may not be successful in truly summarizing them :

They seems to suggest following in this communication

1) They will discuss and formulate a process through which they will know each company's status on inventory availability.

2) There members are committed to association' Code of Ethics. Their member follow best process and practices . Their higher management is sensible to customer satisfaction and do stringent internal audits.

Commentary :

On the first point we have to see, if, how soon timeshare member will come to know inventory status. If these number are available to Timeshare members nothing batter then this.

On second point, this is on individual to access how much trust they have in their timeshare company' management to believe these process and practices are fair and followed.

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  1. If this is the concern for the customer query, AIRDA is a sure failure. I do not think you should contact them for response again.

  2. Yes, these question are effectively testing their commitment and effectiveness.

    :) Interestingly ..

    Ramesh Ramnathan (MD, Mahindra Holidays) is the founder members and is currently the Vice Chairman of the AIRDA.

  3. Dear Bhupesh Gupta,
    It is email etiquette not to publish private correspondence on online forums, unless you have been given permission. There is no need for Mr. Ravi Kumar to request. Its not decent on your part to have published it in the first place. Please learn some things first for your learned mind!
    Kiran Kumar

  4. Here this communication can not purely be termed as private correspondence. Do you think these are very private questions?

    Ok, I should have informed him that I intend to publish it before publishing it on line, so should have taken his consent.

    Now I have not published it here can they answer these questions for larger benefit, in a manner they feel would be publishable.

  5. I think you can share the essense of the reply- Was it convincing? Or were you happy with the response or reply was misleading/threatening etc?