Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Explaining ClubMahindra Membership to a customer

Here I am uploading copy of worksheet written by the ClubMahindra staff to explain me the membership (Septermer 2004) .

A - Explaining price, EMI options and down payment discount. B - Explaining ClubMahindra referral bonus scheme.
[4000/- for first referral, 8000/- for second referral, total 12000/- for two referral]

C - Explaining yearly holiday entitlement.

D - Explaining promotional offer.
(Samsung Camcorder for Red membership and vouchers for White membership)

E - RCI enrollment fee for 5 years included in the membership fee.
(Currently only 3 year RCI membership)

F - Explaining another promotional offer, One Welcome week through RCI + 5 Bonus week for Red membership and 2 bonus week for White membership valid fro 25 years. He gave me two impression about these bonus holidays..
0- This is promotional offer
0- I will get these bonus weeks in my season. (Red) so equivalent to regular vacation holidays ..

This was CM marketing staff ' surprise. As latter I came to know any RCI member can avail unlimited number for bonus week. And bonus weeks are only available in low season.

RCI Bonus week truth..
Not all RCI resorts are of same quality.
Resorts charge Utility fee for bonus holidays. Resorts decide this fee.
Bonus weeks are only available in low season. (Like July/August in Goa)
Bonus weeks can not be split. (Though in India RCI some time provide partial weeks)

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