Wednesday, December 26, 2007

General public tariff plan of different resorts leased by ClubMahindra

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  1. hi, quite an enlighting post about club mahindra!
    i just want to add one important point: If you are a regular traveller, you will know tariffs published on a hotel website count for nothing when you arrive at a place. If you are a bad negotiator accept 20% discount without even asking! And if you are good, 40-50%is well within your reach even in peak season. Case in point Jaipur after Diwali and Simla in may. I only failed in Goa i the peak carnival season, february 2007, that too at a resort at Calangute. Panaji hotels still gave me 30%. So dont try to book in advance more than a will save good money for yourself.

  2. Thanks Anonymous,

    I did not wanted to impose this thinking on to the readers, but assumed people are aware that what are the final sales discount on these published rates.

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